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There is no time like the present. There may be better days in a week, or better weeks in a year to provide training, however, there is never a good reason not to provide training. MSD Injury Prevention training is a process of development, never just a one time experience. If a company has to cut back on its training budget due too economic pressures, MSD Prevention training should always be exempt.

This is because over time, people change. Employees gain experience as they get older, more near-misses and more early warning signs rise to the surface. Processes change, equipment comes and goes, and leadership and supervision changes may increase the potential for risk. For these reasons and many more, MSD Prevention, education and training must be provided on a routine basis. The most effective long-term solution delivers training on an annual basis, however, some clients prefer to deliver updated information and add motivation to their program on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

It has been proven that effective, ergonomics-based MSD Injury Prevention education and training, along with applied and relevant countermeasures, lowers the physical demands of workers while increasing worker capacity. This combination also allows employees to perform their tasks more efficiently, thereby lowering: injury and incident rates, musculoskeletal disorders, and repetitive stress injuries. These have all been proven to be more likely to occur, without a daily focus. The potential for reducing injury related costs alone, make genuine ergonomic initiatives and timely interventions useful tools for improving: productivity, quality, and overall business competitiveness. Often, productivity gets an additional and solid shot in the arm when managers, leaders, and workers together are taught to recognize risk, and all take a fresh look at how best to utilize energy and equipment to get the job done in the most efficient, effective, and effortless manner, as possible. This is our, “team approach.”

Our programs integrate safe, prevention-based behaviors and efficient postures into every daily activity, and are a big win for all concerned. If your organization has already invested significantly in safety training and Injury Prevention efforts, Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion for Health will bring all of the collective information to life, ensuring that this knowledge turns into action. We have not found a company yet who could not use a “fresh approach” and/or “raise their bar” even a bit higher. Let us put your organization to the challenge!

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