• Programs, courses and modules may include Pre and Post Quizzes
  • All classroom courses include sign-in sheets, basic or advanced student materials, and course evaluations
  • On-Site training (and some train-the-trainer programs), include the use of “audience participation technology.” TM
  • Training classes are limited to 15 learners unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Module durations vary from 15 to 90 minutes, and are delivered consecutively (back-to-back).
  • Total training duration varies from 90 minutes to 4 hours depending on the chosen program/s.
  • Our programs are available in Spanish.
  • Other Native Tongue Languages may be developed based on your specific needs.

Accurate Ergonomics will be as conservative as possible with your resources. We do our very best to deliver quality programs at an affordable price… We understand the challenges of the current economy.

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