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One of the key elements of our Ergonomics and MSD Injury Prevention System is to provide “Effective Support.” This is the phase where change really begins to materialize for each employee, your workforce, and your culture. At this level, change has the best opportunity of transforming into action and becomes the most important building block towards achieving a sustainable foundation for MSD Injury Prevention.

Once the education and training components of our system have been completed, we strongly recommend one of our strategic, on-site or online support options.







Site Visits include a prevention-based, behavior reinforcement process and on-site support for your employees as well their leaders. Our MSD specialists work with you in advance to develop a custom, change-support solution, specifically designed for your workforce. The frequency and duration of on-site reinforcement is based upon the level and depth of training, your leadership structure, and the depth of change necessary or strived for.

Our process allows for a fluid mix of external and internal support and reinforcement, offering a balanced approach for achieving our mutual goals – the health, safety and prevention of preventable MSD injuries.





The results of our systematic approach: you actually see your employees change their postures and their behaviors. Everyone engages in their tasks with an efficient posture and in a protective manner, even when no one is watching! We look forward to designing a customized set of solutions, which will provide a profound difference within your workforce.

For more information and to learn more about our proven system and our revolutionary new posture training solutions, call us at 1-866-950-3746. We would be happy to guide you through our training solution process.


People Change People – for Life!



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During training of any kind, there is only so much information a participant is able to absorb, let alone remember and put into action. While employees give our training program extremely high marks (99.7/100), years of habits, along with cultural norms and influences have ingrained certain behaviors.


This is especially true when it comes to body mechanics,

efficient postures and muscle memories.


Once training has been completed, employees have been engaged in discussions with our MSD Specialists and have been encouraged to embrace change as much as possible, for themselves and for each other. Every corporate student has been exposed to numerous suggestions and some profound looks at the why, what, and how these changes might best occur for everyone within your organization.

We often ask the question, “Who at this company would most benefit from these changes?” The answer is simply, “Anyone with a spine,” no matter what their position, salary, tenure, etc. The most effective programs are the ones where everyone in an organization receives the same information and skills training, and everyone participates in the cure!

Most employees become engaged in the process and generally will commit to some aspects of change during each training module, but we all know that old habits die hard. It is much easier to develop a bad habit than a good one and this is especially true when it comes to postural efficiency. Immediately following training, when employees return to their daily tasks, it is easy for them to return to their old postural habits unless we also plan for follow up.

If on-site reinforcement has been scheduled, employees are reassured that their health is of the utmost importance and for that reason, our MSD Specialists will be returning to continue to work with them more closely. This then creates a new level of buy-in and acceptance which will ensure that postural change and new health paradigms can and will occur over time, and together we all maintain the momentum our system achieves!

When it comes to perceptions and the changing of behaviors toward healthier choices (as well as how tasks are performed), it is important to understand the following principles. Change takes time, encouragement, motivation, and repetition. This must occur soon after training and must also continue until new, healthier habits are formed, for life. It is for these reasons that we recommend that our MSD Specialists continue on with the skills reinforcement phase of the program, for a specified period of time.

This will increase the program effectiveness as employees pay attention and listen to neutral, objective experts. By this phase of the program, your employees have already established trust with our specialists and we know that they will remain committed to the process. Your employees will understand that their own “positive change” efforts will continue to be valued and supported. This “strategic reinforcement” of the lessons and skills taught, ensures that both the workforce and workplace changes will become permanent.

Our reinforcement process may last for as little as 30 to 90 days, or several years in a large workforce. Site-Visit frequency is reduced as we begin to see and measure consistent, positive changes happening within your organization. Site-Visits offer numerous benefits to your entire workforce as well as to your newly developing Culture of Prevention.

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