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Workers’ Compensation costs continue to rise, as do treatment and healthcare costs. Today, American businesses spend well over a billion dollars a week on direct MSD costs alone. Recently, adjustments have occurred with regard to how the EMR (experience modification rate), is calculated. The EMR is a number which is used by insurance companies to gauge: past cost figures, number of injuries, and the future chance of risk, based on industry.

When the EMR goes up, so does the cost of insurance, even for companies who have experienced no injuries!


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In most organizations, economic pressures have also ushered in an era where employers are faced with doing the same or more work, with fewer resources. Production goals still have to be maintained and there never seems to be either, “just the right time” or “enough time,” for training. For these reasons and many more, preventing injuries often takes a back seat to other issues, which might (at the time) seem like a higher priority. Thus the problem and these cycles repeat and live on, until the next major injury. Employees are increasingly more tired, stressed, fatigued, and in pain, these are just a few of the leading indicators, or warning signs, of potential and future injuries.

Injuries occur at work, with leisure, sports and hobbies, as well as at home. In fact, for every injury which occurs at work, there are more which occur at home. Accurate Ergonomics has conducted many employee surveys in the last few years. The results in one company alone showed that 72% of their employees were currently experiencing fatigue, discomfort, or pain on a daily basis. These symptoms, along with the impact an injured worker has on his/her co-workers, often lead to poor morale, an increase in injuries, and a decrease in productivity. All of these factors contribute to a negative impact on bottom-line profits.



Sprains and strains alone account for over 35% of total Workers’ Compensation claims and over 68% of total Workers’ Compensation costs. American businesses and municipalities spend well over $300 Billion dollars every year on MSD injuries and their associated, avoidable costs. Over 10 million work days are lost every year, just from Low Back Pain (LBP) and Upper Limb Disorders (ULDs), alone.




The most common MSDs are back disorders, followed by neck, shoulders and knees. Production workers, material handlers and at-desk employees, each have their unique challenges as do supervisors in most companies. Large and small companies alike are acutely aware of the negative impact and the drain that MSDs have on their profits. No matter what the economic climate, astute employers keep their focus on prevention.

Accurate Ergonomics provides effective solutions which put a stop to these unnecessary costs. We can all agree that profits lost to MSDs would be better spent on items such as payroll, debt reduction, and new equipment. Better yet, perhaps a percentage reinvested back into the health of employees who help to make this all possible – talk about a morale enhancer!

Accurate Ergonomics focuses 100% on prevention, not on treatment.

In order to gain a full snapshot of the appetite for risk of any organization, we evaluate historical metrics, leading indicators, and assess risk factors. We then use this data to customize our system which then assists in the delivery or relevant training, by designing customized injury prevention training solutions which are highly effective for your unique workforce.

Our consultants stay up to date with the most current data research and trends, so that you don’t have to. Our solutions evolve and improve over time, so that we continually meet the needs of our clients today, tomorrow, and beyond. Our audit and assessment process is one of the first steps of our system, this then evolves into: state of the art MSD Injury Prevention Training, Education, Countermeasures, a Structured Reinforcement Process, and more. Once initiated, this layered system then continues to consistently reduce or eliminate risk and injuries. The result, a true legacy program which lives on no matter what organizational or personnel changes may occur!


payattention[1]A statistical analysis demonstrated that the clients of Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion for Health, routinely experience substantial reductions with: recordable injuries, lost time days, restricted duty days, EMR’s and Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs. Zero Preventable Injuries is not only possible – it has been achieved by numerous clients. We will help your organization win the fight against fatigue and pain, while at the same time, provide a truly outstanding return on your SMART investment in prevention.

The graph below shows the improvements which one, mid-size client achieved over a five year period of time. Virtually every client enjoys the same results, no matter the industry, how many injuries they are currently experiencing, or what tasks or duties are performed.

This chart shows a typical cost-reduction trend (over a five year period), for an average client.



“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Profit”


Is cost reduction a high priority for your business? Have the activities of past efforts been somewhat disappointing? We invite you to see how Accurate Ergonomics can help. We offer guaranteed results in the reduction of both injuries and Workers’ Comp costs.

We help you to keep your employees at work, on schedule, engaged and healthy – both on the job and when they are at home with their families!

Contact Accurate Ergonomics today at 866-950-ERGO (3746), or email us at  Let’s get started!


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