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There is no easier or better way for a company to add value to its bottom-line than through prevention. In fact, when fatigue, discomfort, pain and MSD Injuries are strategically brought under control or often eliminated completely, the savings earned through prevention methodology may then be used to pay for all of the other required regulatory training.

We have asked thousands of workers when the last time someone had to use an AED device and to date, not one person has raised their hand. Well actually one did, but he was an AED salesperson. Obviously there is a benefit to having these available; your staff is ready just in case the worst might happen. Someone may suffer a sudden cardiac arrest from a hot electrical box (for instance), so there is no argument here that it is a good idea to have the devices, on hand.

Perhaps a different way to consider this topic: Think of the money and the time spent on AEDs, all for something which hopefully will never happen! A study showed that of 360 million people, (525 lives) might be saved. A good many of these are seniors and the majority of lives saved (23% and 46% respectively), will be by police and fire agencies, as well as other medical personnel. That leaves 141 lives in the entire USA and Canada combined, which might possibly be saved by a competent AED user in any given company. Since the study was not specifically work-related, let’s say the number is really 70 (or ½ the total). Now let’s add it up. A few thousand dollars for each AED unit, plus training, plus retraining at least annually, then mandatory testing, battery replacements, record keeping, and of course, liability.

The chance that a company could be “the one” who has the situation in real life, to save a coworker is, well .000000019%. We get it, any life saved is a great thing, but the odds are you will never see a return on that safety investment. With our solutions we guaranty that you will not only realize a significant return on your prevention investment, you will most likely be able to use some of your savings to pay for programs like having AEDs! We call this, corporate, “living off the interest,” as a result of an excellent program.

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Now let’s compare the above scenario to a back injury.

Injuries to the lower back are the highest frequency of all, both in industry and at home. With our system, we have proven that we are able to prevent high numbers of MSD Incidents and Injuries. So, let’s say that you employ 300 people and you have a 3.6 incident or injury rate. That is 11 people who statistically will get hurt on the job every year. Now let’s say that 4 of those (it may be higher) were a back, neck, shoulder or knee injury.

If our system were to prevent just those injuries alone, your company would be way ahead in the win column. In a short time, you could have already been paid back many times over and that does not even include the increases gained by enhanced productivity and efficiency, or the economic gains derived from the resultant reduced presenteeism.

As presenteeism (fatigue, discomfort, pain while on the job) is reduced, the amount saved in the same workforce of 300 would be over One Million Dollars a Year! That is a lot of money, an average of over $3,600.00 per employee!

Wouldn’t it be worth a small fraction of the cost to prevent a majority of injuries? Our proven system works every time and by following our “Prescription for Success,” the incident and injury rates of our clients continue to be outstanding, year after year.


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