Accurate Ergonomics specializes in Ergonomics and MSD Injury and Illness Prevention. The fact that we are specialists is extremely valuable when a company makes a decision to invest valuable resources toward the prevention of MSD Injuries and improving the health, safety and well-being of their most valuable assets, their employees.

Effective MSD Injury Prevention requires MSD Specialists who are able to recognize and diagnose all areas of MSD risks and hazards in both a workplace and its workforce. The process of substantially reducing (or eliminating), at-risk behaviors and the future possibility of MSD Injuries also requires MSD experts, not generalists.

We are seasoned MSD experts with a regional and national network of MSD Specialists, whom for over 25 years have developed a proven and affordable prevention system. Our unique process substantially reduces or even eliminates MSD risk, hazards and MSD Injuries, wherever they might exist in a workplace and/or its workforce. We offer employers a full array of highly effective, prevention-based solutions, each specifically designed to meet the needs of your workforce both today and long into the future.

Our premier services and behavior-based injury prevention training solutions, achieve substantial and sustainable performance results for every client who follows our prescription for success, no matter what the industry or what tasks or duties are performed.

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On a scale of 1-10, how important is the health and safety of your employees? If you answered this question the way most people do with honest reflection, you owe it to your company and to your employees to team up with the most effective Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention subject matter experts: Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion for Health. We challenge your organization to raise the bar even higher!

Accurate Ergonomics is 100% dedicated to prevention, not treatment!

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