PAUSE for Prevention


Education & Training for Seated & Standing Employees


PAUSE for Prevention is a Highly-Effective,

Education and Training Program for At-Desk Employees.


Administrative  •  Accounting  •  Legal  •  Sales  •  Back Office

Communication  •  Dispatch  •  Call Centers  •  Control Centers

Programmers  •  Laboratories  •  Operators  •  Reception & Front-Desk 


Any Employee that Sits or Stands while Performing Tasks


There are several courses available depending on the type of work and tasks that your employees perform. Each course offers options for quizzes, surveys and more. You choose the level of education and training you desire your employees to receive.


Integrated Ergonomics, Health & Injury Prevention 

Ergonomics Best Practices

On-Site Classes  •  Online Courses & Self-Assessment Process

Digital Surveys  •  Digital Case Management Tools



PAUSE for Prevention


Fills Knowledge Gaps & Teaches Ergonomics Skills

Prevents Fatigue, Discomfort & Pain

Improves Employee Comfort  •  Increases Productivity

Prevents Costly, Painful Soft-Tissue Injuries





Accurate Ergonomics also has a program designed to educate, train and support your internal personnel on how to perform Ergonomics Assessments and manage an effective Ergonomics Program. Includes training class, Assessor Guides, forms, deliverables and more.


There are Over 50 Deliverables Available


SAFE Stretch Packages  •  Reminder Posters

Desktop Reminders  •  Communication Tools & More



The Design Team at Accurate Ergonomics is available to Create, or

Customize a Program Specifically for Your Workforce & Budget.


Contact Accurate Ergonomics to learn more about PAUSE for Prevention, or

to request a demo of one of our courses.


707-894-4544 (CA), 1-866-950-3746,


When it comes to taking care of your employees…


Accurate Ergonomics is the Best Choice!


For employees with active job descriptions, see POWER Training.

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