In today’s challenging economy (and for years to come), every employer would like a workforce they can count on, and every employee wants an employer who’s, got their back! Regarding the topic of MSD Injury and Illness prevention, this is absolutely a two way street! Organizations must function at a high level of efficiency and productivity, without the occurrence of preventable MSD Injuries and Illnesses. Employees should maintain their health (with the assistance of their employers, if at all possible), so that they may work, pay their bills, and live a productive and pain free life. The retention of capital which is created by unnecessary MSD loss, combined with the profits naturally derived from the increased health, efficiency, and productivity of a well trained workforce, is the prescription for sustainable success. Everyone wins!


Our system was developed with basic core, “Dr. approved” solutions. These are surrounded and supported by a strategic and timely process which promotes a healthy (on and off the job), just and caring culture, a true Culture of Prevention. No other company does what we do and we are proud to say that no other company is able to achieve the high levels of success as with the implementation of our system. The primary reason for our unique success with clients: our system was developed with over 25 years of education and “real life,” hands-on experience! In that time, our process was continually refined by the treatment and training of thousands of employees at hundreds of client facilities.


What are the keys to our success? Here are the top 10:

  • Our system is callable and easy to implement in any workgroup or workforce and provides numerous benefits,

  • A process which systematically uncovers what’s working and where improvements are necessary,

  • A unique behavior-based methodology, combining a proven set of integrated solutions which substantially reduce risk,

  • A people centered, holistic approach promoting healthy lifestyles, efficient postures, personal responsibility, peer-to-peer and supervisor accountability,

  • Allows every company the ability to implement a customized initiative, designed specifically for their workforce,

  • Created by Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Subject Matter Experts, Healthcare Providers and Behavioral Change Experts,

  • Tried, tested and proven to achieve positive, sustainable results,

  • Provides meaningful and lasting education and training, which actually changes perceptions, mindsets, behaviors and habits,

  • Is engaging from day one. Employees find our training system enjoyable and rewarding, even “downright fun!”

  • Our solutions are affordable and built to last 10-20 years. Train new hires at any time, annual updates, new content and much more.



Our proven process delivers sustainable results every time, guaranteed! Never again does a company have to spend resources with little or no return on their investment. We are able to say this because we empower people in ways which help them to see their own destiny, and provide them the resources and information necessary for positive change. Just ask someone who has hurt their back or neck recently, if they feel this information is important. We help your workforce steer clear of the icebergs and potholes which are in their path; they will enjoy both the journey and the destination. This is where ultimate success begins!

  • Companies across the globe are finding that it is extremely beneficial to outsource these specialized skills, (MSD Prevention) to a well-established, expert firm such as Accurate Ergonomics.

  • We act as the entire MSD Prevention component of your safety management system or as an extension of your existing program.

  • We work side by side and support your own internal leaders.

  • We stay current with regulatory requirements and the latest ergonomics, health, and injury prevention technology, as well as other evolutionary strategies and concepts.

  • We will help you to identify and accomplish your long-term, Health, Safety and Injury Prevention goals.

  • In addition, we provide advanced research when necessary and offer assistance with any type of design and developmental projects.

  • With Accurate Ergonomics, you will have a dependable partner who provides a wide variety of resources and services, and is just a phone call or email away. Our long-term client relationships are a testament to the trust and value which is placed in us, and will attest to the success of our system performance.

Our programs integrate prevention-based behaviors and efficient postures into every task or activity. We have helped many organizations save hundreds of thousands, (even millions) of dollars by: the reduction of Worker’s Compensation costs, lowering absenteeism and increasing productivity, all while helping employees stay healthy on and off the job!

Productivity increases when managers, leaders, and front-line employees are taught how to recognize MSD risks and more importantly, how to eliminate them. On a daily basis, employees and their supervisors are able to take a fresh look at how to best maintain energy levels and how to use postures and equipment in the most efficient, effective, and effortless ways as possible. Yes, tasks may be performed without postural stress and with a less likelihood for costly MSD Injuries, every time!

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