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OSHA and the Department of Labor are increasing their emphasis on ergonomics and the reduction of MSD injuries.

Recently these agencies were quoted as saying:

“These injuries are financially and emotionally devastating to workers and their families,” and

“We must put an end to this chronic problem.”

A new Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program regulation was also passed in 2018, which focuses on Musculoskeletal Injuries in California Hotels and Lodging Establishments.   


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How can a company remain compliant and take a proactive stance to head off these extraneous costs, before they affect the company’s bottom line?

Accurate Ergonomics takes a unique and proactive approach by educating and training workforces and their leadership, using a proven process which features the highest rated MSD Injury Prevention Training available.

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Our “Prescription for Success” actually changes employee’s perceptions, habits and behaviors at all levels within an organization, and produces positive outcomes and a high rate of return on investment.

In the past this type and level of behavior change has been extremely difficult to achieve, and too expensive for many companies to embrace. Our solutions combine “Effective with Affordable” so that every organization can now make a much needed strategic investment in their future, no matter where they currently are on their path to sustainability through prevention.

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