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It is essential that employees learn how to not only recognize the signs and symptoms of MSDs, but also how to prevent them. It is equally important that employees know how to avoid and/or what to do should these maladies occur. Symptoms are early warning signs of a potential injury. It is also equally important that supervisors know what to do when these signs and symptoms are reported.

With the development of an “Open Reporting” environment, one where the communication of challenges is truly welcomed, no matter what the circumstances, and where blame is never assigned, creates the atmosphere where symptoms and potential solutions are brought to light. In this way, early intervention and effective countermeasures are then possible. This is a true Culture of Prevention.

Supervisors and group leaders must be adequately trained in order to learn how to immediately recognize risk; they also need to understand the application of controls and appropriate countermeasures. Leadership MSD Education and Training is critical in order to help build their confidence and hone their skills.

To help your employees listen more attentively to their supervisors and then to actually follow their advice and trust in the process, a structured process must unfold over time. Like most things, trust is the key. Our specialized training, teaches risk-recognition and response techniques to all personnel. Our system ensures wide-spread engagement and builds a protective screen instead of a safety net. Prevention, not treatment is the answer!

Every employee should be applying their own countermeasures, all day long. SAFE stretching and flexibility, along with core exercises where possible, go a long way with helping employees to recognize their own symptoms and then how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Our stretching and flexibility programs have been a huge success for over 25 years!


The Most Common Early Warning Signs and

Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disorders are:


Tingling  •  Numbness  •  Burning Sensations  •  Weakness

Swelling  •  Soreness  •  Stiffness  •  Muscle Spasms

Pain  •  Reduced Range of Motion  •  Aches  •  Cramping


These symptoms might not necessarily lead to a Musculoskeletal Disorder, however, if an employee experiences any of the above symptoms, Accurate Ergonomics recommends that an evaluation of the employee, their working positions, and the postures required to perform their tasks, along with their unique equipment, tools and workstations, be a priority.


We train every body in the art of recognizing risk.


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