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Positive Outcomes in Wellness, Ergonomics & Risk™


Education & Training for All Active Job Descriptions


Manual Material Handling  •  Patient Handling

Housekeepers  •  Food & Beverage

Production  •  Manufacturing  •  Agriculture

Assembly  •  Packaging  •  Warehouse  •  Delivery


Anyone Who Uses their Body & Spine to Perform Tasks


Training is the most valuable tool a company has in its safety arsenal. Effective Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Injury Prevention Training is the single best investment an organization can make.

Accurate Ergonomics offers the most effective ergonomics and behavior-based MSD Injury Prevention Training System available, plus a full spectrum of proven solutions.

There are several courses available, depending on the type of work and tasks your employees perform. Each course offers options for quizzes, surveys and more. You choose the level of education and training you desire your employees to receive.


Integrated Ergonomics, Health & Safety 

Injury Prevention & Postural Skills Training

On-Site Classes  •  Online Courses



Our training programs and patented Postural Efficiency Training Solutions provide employers affordable options for delivering powerful education and skills training, positive behavior-change, and structured reinforcement for every employee.


Option One


Accurate Ergonomics Specialists Deliver Training




On-Site Training for any Workgroup or Your Entire Workforce


Subject Matter and Behavioral Change Specialists provide education and a patented biomechanics skills training process via POWER Training. POWER dills knowledge gaps, teaches new skills and motivates employees and their leaders to take personal responsibility, with peer-to-peer and Team accountability for every worker, every day!


A Well Planned & Structured Training Process,

Support for as Long as You Need or Want,

Until Internal Ownership is Achieved.



Option Two





Specialists Deliver Robust Training to Your Leaders

Internal Trainers Deliver POWER Training to Employees

POWER Training is Scalable and may be Delivered:

•  In One Class  •  One, Two or Threes Sessions

•  One Module at a Time over Several Weeks

Trainers Access Our Ergonomics, Health & Safety Academy (LMS)

Deliver POWER Training Whenever they Choose

Current  & New hires  •  Annual Training Modules & More

Over 50 Deliverables to Choose from


Keep Your Program Alive & Your Employees Engaged



Option Three


Do-it-Yourself (DIY)




Purchase a DIY POWER Training Package and Deliver Effective,

Meaningful Training to Current Employees & New Hires


DIY Packages include Everything You Need:


24/7 Access to POWER Training Courses

Implementation & Instructor Guides

sheets  •  Surveys  •  Course Checklists,

Evaluations  •  Pocket Cards & Much More


Combine a DIY Package with a Train-the-Trainer Class


DIY Packages (Doc-in-a-Box™) are priced on a sliding scale,

based on the number of Employees, in increments of 10, 15 and 25.



The result of POWER Training is, preventable and painful MSD Injuries are minimized or eliminated. POWER Training Modules are fun and engaging, highly informative, and always lead to genuine behavior and postural change.


 Training Program Benefits


High Engagement at All Levels

High Levels of Information & Skills Retention

Increased Postural Efficiency

Substantial Reductions in MSD Injuries & Illnesses

Reduced Fatigue, Discomfort & Pain Levels

Reduced Slips, Trips & Falls

Lower Workers’ Comp Insurance Costs

Increased Efficiency & Productivity  •  Improved Workforce Morale

Increased Leadership Effectiveness at all Levels

Improved Employee Health & Wellness

Reduced Absenteeism, Presenteeism & DART Days

Lower Injury Rates and EMR’s  •  Increased Profits

Enhanced Safety Culture & Culture of Prevention



“POWER training not only changed my posture, it changed

my life in many ways.”   Matt T – POWER Graduate.


Team Accurate is able to Customize Your

POWER Program, to Fit the Needs of

Your Workforce & Budget.


Powerful, Positive Change for Your Entire Workforce!


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If you have at-desk employees, check out PAUSE for Prevention.

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