Worksite Evaluation & Risk Assessments


A Worksite Evaluation & Risk Assessment must be performed upon implementation of the MIPP. From that point forward, evaluations and risk assessments must be updated when new tools are added, additional risks are identified, due to renovation or  an injury investigation.


At a Minimum, Risk Must be Evaluated Annually. 





Option One


Comprehensive Evaluation by Hospitality Specialists


Specialists Perform a Comprehensive Worksite Evaluation and Risk Assessment, of

Your Housekeeping Department, Plus any Workgroup Desired


We Typically Include Laundry & Lobby Attendants, Inspectors and

Housepersons in Our Assessments and in MIPP Training


This could be the Initial Worksite Evaluation, or

an Assessment due to Opening a New Hotel


A review of Your Current Assessment, to ensure that All Forms of

Risk have been Evaluated by a Specialist

Ensure Your Risk Assessment will Pass a Cal/OSHA Inspection 


Your Annual Assessment & Reevaluation



Report of Findings


Specialists spend one to two days on-site, author a detailed Report of Findings,

then meet Stakeholders online to review findings and any recommendations.


We set you up for long-term success, because you can use and update your Hotel’s

report whenever there is a need, or to comply with the annual reevaluation requirement.



Option Two

Do-it-Yourself Assessment


Team Accurate can Supply Your Team with the Format, Process, Tools and

Training needed to Perform Your Own Worksite Evaluations & Risk Assessments


With either option, your Hotel will meet and maintain compliance

with the MIPP Regulation –  Every Year.


Our Risk Assessment System will ensure that all risk factors are recognized, documented and evaluated in a way that your Leaders and Supervisors can measure and track progress to success, plus keep employees up to date on risk factors and the level of risk associated with each task, on a permanent basis.


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