MIPP Compliance & Enforcement



Housekeeping Management & Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that Housekeepers and Housepersons comply with the MIPP regulation.


Annual Training must also be included in your MIPP.


This means there must be a system in place which ensures Housekeepers are: utilizing the tools available, in the correct manner; following safe work practices; correctly using the body mechanics skills learned during training; and communicating any symptoms which could lead to an injury. Hotels must also recognize employees who comply with the MIPP, as well as discipline those who are not following the rules.


This part of the MIPP Regulation is difficult to comply with,

without a MIPP Compliance System and Process.


Accurate Ergonomics has Developed a MIPP Sustainability Program,

 which Ensures Compliance & Improves Workforce Behaviors…


The Key to Sustainable Success!


As a Licensed User of our MIPP Training System, once MIPP Essentials is

Delivered, Your Leaders will Receive Implementation Instructions during

Quarterly Webinars, Plus Deliverables for Each Module of MIPP Training.


Your Leaders are Able to Deliver Progressive Skills Training and

Coaching, Measure, Track and Document Progress on an Individual and

Group Basis, Plus Ensure Stakeholder Engagement and Support.


Call Team Accurate to Learn More About Our

MIPP Sustainability Program





The MIPP Regulation requires every Hotel to have a communication system,

so that Employees can communicate health and safety ideas and concerns.


The Accurate Ergonomics MIPP Training System includes communication tools and a

process for Employees to make Suggestions, Report Near-Misses,

and Communicate or Report Symptoms of a potential injury.


The process also includes a method by which to inform Housekeepers, Housepersons

and other support staff about the level of risk associated with each task, as well as

a way to document metrics for Stakeholders and Cal/OSHA, should the arise.





Our MIPP Training System includes Paper and Digital Records, including

Sign-In Sheets, LMS Reports & Easy to Use Custom MS Excel Worksheets.


Our Risk Assessment Process Also Includes Paper & Digital Files.


Solutions that Guarantee a Substantial Return on Investment.


Team Accurate is able to customize your MIPP program to fit the size and needs of your Housekeeping Department and budget.

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