The MIPP Regulation became Law in 2018.


This regulation directs Hotels and Lodging Establishments to Control Risk and Prevent Housekeeper Musculoskeletal Injuries.


Accurate Ergonomics is an Industry Leading Expert on this Regulation.



We Offer Proven MIPP Solutions that:


Ensure Compliance with the MIPP Regulation

Change Workforce Behaviors for Life

Improve Human Efficiency & Task Performance

Reduce Fatigue, Discomfort & Pain

Minimize and Eliminate Musculoskeletal Disorders & Injuries

Improve Communications, Morale & Talent Retention

Reduce Absenteeism, DART Days, Presenteeism & Turnover

Lower Workers’ Compensation  •  Direct & Indirect Loss


Premier MIPP Solutions, delivered by Our Specialists,

Train-the-Trainer & Do-it-Yourself MIPP Programs.



From Eureka to San Diego and Beyond,


“We’ve Got Your MIPP Covered.”


Team Accurate would like to show you how to meet and exceed the requirements in this regulation, at an affordable price.

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