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Leadership & Supervisor Development Training


Specialists at Accurate Ergonomics are able to educate, train and develop Prevention Leaders and Supervisors within your organization. Leadership & Supervisor Development Training  makes all the difference in the world. The difference between marginal, short term successes versus the World-Class program organizations strive to achieve.

Leadership & Supervisor Development Training and Train-the-Trainer Classes are delivered on-site or online via a webinar. 


When Leaders don’t lead, Employees don’t follow.


This is especially true with safety and MSD Injury Prevention. Leaders constantly communicate priorities and strategies to their workers, whether they intend to or not. With our training, leaders are able to “Take Control” of the caring messages they communicate, in order to promote the health, safety, and prevention of MSD Injuries. This becomes a deeply entrenched organizational value.

Leaders set levels of expectation that point everyone in the direction of effective countermeasures and efficient postures, and will know how to exert a positive influence on the development of a true Culture of Prevention.



With additional responsibilities in today’s increasingly competitive economy, Supervisors and Employees alike are multi-tasking more than ever before, and often struggle to successfully prioritize their time. Sometimes, this may even result in them failing to complete their tasks safely, and always with a greater risk of becoming injured.



It is critically important that everyone knows and understands: how the Musculoskeletal and Nervous Systems work, the importance of efficient postures and prevention-based behaviors, and have a true understanding of the total value which is accomplished and enjoyed by all when MSD Injuries are reduced.

Without this depth of information, your leaders will continue to experience gaps between their intentions and the desired results, as well as lose sight of the organizational goals. Also, gaps in management expectations and employee perceptions may also continue to negatively influence behaviors.


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Are your Managers & Supervisors Safety and MSD Injury Prevention Leaders?


Our Leadership training process improves the ability of your Leaders to recognize and engage with employees regarding MSD risk and hazard reduction. We do this by improving their “Constructive Intervention Skills,” and by increasing daily involvement and communication of health, safety and prevention, in a meaningful way.

When employees observe the commitment of their Leaders to an injury-free workplace, it becomes much easier for them to increase their level of personal responsibility and to deploy efficient postures, even when no one is looking!


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