No one is left behind!

Your company might want to start out by implementing our system in one department or an area with the highest level of “at-risk” employees. Typically once a company experiences our process and sees the results, they then want to provide it for everyone.

We believe that no one should be restricted from access to our solutions. In fact, we recommend that our training and behavior-change process be made mandatory for every employee, no matter what their title or designation. We’ve seen it too many times where a group or department of co-workers is doing a great job. They are applying their new knowledge and skill sets, injuries are declining only to have someone from (let’s say, the IT department), injure their back while putting a computer into the trunk of their car.

We try to avoid the common line, “If we stretch, how come they don’t?” This should become a, “all for one and one for all,” positive process! We understand that resources must be used wisely. For this reason we have committed to work with clients who are able to see the broader perspective and commit to our complete system, where only our best results are possible. In this way we are able to guarantee results with the goal being: 100% total engagement over an affordable timeline.

Our experts begin every initiative by performing an MSD SMART Audit or an in-depth facility-wide MSD risk and hazard assessment. Our process highlights what’s working and also uncovers what’s not. We are able to objectively identify where improvement opportunities exist (often where an untrained eye typically misses or an internal, more routine daily vision may easily overlook).

We get your initiative started off on the right foot by first building a solid foundation for MSD Injury and Illness Prevention to thrive. Next we deliver customized and the most appropriate training and adjunct solutions, designed to meet both your immediate and future needs (as per the results of our findings). Once our system, “support columns” are firmly in place, our experts then work with your chosen leaders to continue to build a strategic, long term, and customized internal structure, which is then built to sustain whatever comes its way.

If you manage a small workforce, say a hundred employees or less, we might perform a SMART MSD Audit and Assessment, provide great education and skills training, assist with the implementation of a stretching program, and then follow up with a few site-visits, in order to reinforce what was learned and help leaders keep the momentum going.

If you have a larger enterprise, we would perform a more in-depth audit and assessment, which may include surveys and perception/experience questionnaires. We then deliver dynamic education and training to homogeneous groups of employees. Next would be leadership training.

Once all training has been completed, we then begin the reinforcement period. This phase might include: visual reminders, on-site behavioral coaching and postural efficiency reinforcement, the development of ergonomic standards, countermeasure group and leader support, task performance guides, engineering and administrative controls, and much more.

Once the results have reached their intended levels and prevention-based behaviors are in place, we then work within the structure of your organization to help you continue to build on this newly implemented support structure for long term, sustainable change.

Finally, when the roots of this system have been firmly established, we begin to back out of the process so that this new, “legacy program” will take hold, with only minimal support from us in going forward.

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