Our company was founded over 30 years ago. After treating thousands of injured workers and their families in private practice for over 15 years, it became evident that the vast majority of injuries suffered by patients could have been prevented.

We became troubled by the startling statistics and number of workplace injuries, the rising cost of healthcare and treatment associated with MSDs, plus the increasing cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This combined with an increasing obesity rate, a general lack of basic self-care knowledge by the average patient, and the growing number of aging workers, we made a decision to put our years of practical experience toward a greater good and created a program focused solely on prevention, not treatment.

Accurate Ergonomics was founded with the vision to improve the health and safety of every organization and workforce, and to prevent “Preventable Injuries and Loss” from occurring. Our experience, along with extensive research, proved that when a neutral third party who is an expert in this field is able to fill essential knowledge gaps through dynamic and meaningful education and skills training, change actually occurs and prevention-based behaviors are developed in a relatively short period of time.

Research and reproducible client results also confirmed that when a company provides our patented Efficiency Skills Training to Employees and Leaders, profound levels of change are achievable and sustainable.

Time and time again, as a result of our process, workplace injuries were drastically reduced, morale and productivity improved and workers’ become healthier, happier, long term employees.





Our Team designed a system which provides Employees and Supervisors a practical and meaningful education and skills training experience, motivates employees to take personal responsibility for their actions, and ensures both peer-to-peer and team accountability.

The goal from the very beginning was to protect employees from becoming the victim of painful, costly, life and career altering MSD injuries. The success of Accurate Ergonomics has proven that when it comes to MSD Injury Prevention and “Actually Changing People’s Behaviors & Habits,” it takes experienced professionals to create the learning environment and content necessary for success. This is critical in order to gain the buy-in and ongoing support which is necessary at every level of an organization, for continuous improvement to occur, and to create sustainable positive outcomes.



Our “System for Success” incorporates a structured approach and an easy to follow process, which ensures that every Employee and Leader is equally included and engaged in the art and science of prevention, 24/7/365.

We have proven that MSD Injury & Illness Prevention not only pays for itself, Prevention-Based Behaviors pay dividends for life.


Our MSD Injury & Illness Prevention and Cutting Edge Training Solutions,

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If your desire is to build a healthy, efficient, injury-free workforce and a Culture of Prevention, call Team Accurate today.

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