A SMART Investment in MSD Injury Prevention Training,

 Pays Dividends over the Entire “Life Cycle” of a Company.


OSHA requires training in every Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), as well as in the MIPP regulation, however, the benefits of an “Effective” Ergonomics and MSD Prevention Program extend far beyond compliance and preventing injuries, even beyond lowering costs!


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The profits gained through: increased efficiency, productivity, morale and skills employees and internal leadership, more than pay for the entire cost of an exceptional MSD Prevention Training Program. This becomes a sustainable ROI and is the “Priceless” component of our POWER and PAUSE for Prevention Programs.

Savings earned through prevention may then be used to pay for a variety of other necessities, such as: additional compliance training courses, new equipment and tools, employee rewards and incentives, and more.


A Win-Win for Every Body!


Accurate Ergonomics offers highly-effective ergonomics and behavior-based MSD Injury Prevention training programs, plus a full spectrum prevention-based solutions.

POWER and PAUSE for Prevention Training Programs and Courses provide a number of scalable and affordable options for effective education and skills training, positive behavioral-change, and structured behavioral and skills reinforcement for your entire workforce. Our training process is specifically designed so that change occurs gradually over weeks and months, until change becomes permanent within your organization.

For smaller companies, we offer creative Do-It-Yourself programs and single training events. For mid and large size organizations we offer customized education and training programs designed to match your resources with your desired level of positive outcomes.

Specialists can Deliver Training On-Site.


Internal Leaders & Trainers can Deliver Training.


Employees can Take Online Courses.


Because change does not happen overnight, our programs include a structured skills and behavioral-change reinforcement process, as well as on-site program support options and quarterly online engagement sessions, drip content and more.



Our trainers and coaches are available to provide on-site support once training modules are completed. We observe and coach employees and support Supervisors to encourage and positively reinforce prevention-based behaviors and skills.

This “Layered Approach” provides for continuous improvement. Each module builds upon lessons learned during previous modules. This process continues until your organizational and behavioral goals have been achieved. Once solutions are solidly in place, your organization is able to remain compliant, efficient, competitive and profitable, for life!


Training Programs Include


Leadership & Supervisor Development Training

General & Workgroup Specific Employee Training

MIPP Essentials Training

At-Desk Ergonomics Training

Skills Reinforcement Training

Precision Development Training

On-the-Job Coaching


Specialty Areas of Training Include


Manual Material Handlers  •  Hospitality  •  Hotels, Inns & Resorts

Production & Manufacturing  •  Warehouse  •  Distribution & Trucking

Patient Care & Patient Handling  •  Hospitals  •  Medical  •  Dental

Communication  •  Dispatch  •  Operation Centers  •  Laboratories

Office  •  Administrative  •  Food Service  •  Retail  •  Utilities

Energy & Power Generation  •  Water & Sewer Agencies  •  Transportation

Police & Fire  •  Public Works  •  Construction  •  Air & Ground Rescue

New Hires  •  Aging Workers


Accurate Ergonomics Builds Healthy, Injury-Free

Workforces and Healthy Bottom-Lines!



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Training Modules are Designed to:


Change General & Specific Perceptions and Beliefs

Raise Awareness  •  Influence Risk & Minimize At-Risk Behaviors

Fill Critical Knowledge Gaps, Known to Exist in Every Workforce

Build High-Levels of Efficient, Prevention-Based Skills

Motivate Employees & Leaders

Improve Health, Postural Efficiency, Behaviors & Habits


Everything a Person does is Habitual.


Breaking bad habits & replacing them with good habits, is our specialty!



Make a profound difference within your workforce.


Accurate Ergonomics Brings Information to Life!


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