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Change is Good!


At Accurate Ergonomics, we believe in change.


 Especially Behavioral Change.


Behaviors drive cultures and cultures drive behaviors. Every solution we provide, elevates the health and the skills of employees, while simultaneously enhancing organizational and workforce cultures.

Our experts will help you create and implement an easy, step-by-step process, which will instill prevention-based behaviors and actions at all levels of your organization. Together, we create a caring environment where people communicate in a new way, which promotes positive behavioral and postural change.



The process of developing a Culture of Prevention begins on day one with our first contact with your organization. We begin to build the foundation of your new or enhanced culture, with an audit and assessment. The process then continues to build on itself during the education and training phase and becomes sustainable and firmly rooted during the reinforcement and support phases of your program.


A Culture of Prevention is what sustains Behaviors,

Culture and Prevents Costly Injuries Year after Year.


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All workplaces have a safety culture and some are stronger than others, often described as “the way things are done around here,” or “what your employees do when no one is watching.” The safety culture of an organization is the product of Individual and group beliefs, values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and the default “patterns of behaviors and habits” with respect to safety. It is also a larger part of the organizational culture profile and is driven, in large part by management.



Rigorous scientific studies have proven that safety cultures are an accurate predictor of injury frequency and severity performance. Years of research also confirm that the development of a strong safety culture has a tremendous impact on safety in general and incident reduction. Accurate Ergonomics adds another critical dimension to the safety culture of any organization, with the desire to develop (or improve) a true: Culture of Prevention.

While many of the elements of a strong safety culture mirror elements of a Culture of Prevention, there are unique differences. For years the focus on safety has been in large part an external process, something you can see: bright colors, safety banners, day-glow vests, orderly work areas, and more, a plethora of safety. Behavior-based safety programs also focus on safe-behaviors, such as hardhats and gloves, all visible elements of a safe worker, and a safe workplace.



A Culture of Prevention focuses more on the person and on internal elements as well as prevention-based behaviors. This would include the activities of employees as well as the integration of health, wellness, and active caring into the organizational safety culture. Example: With safety, a nail on the ground could cause a puncture wound to a person’s foot and should be picked up, maybe even while wearing the correct gloves.

A Culture of Prevention would be concerned equally with the posture the person deploys when retrieving the nail from the ground. Coworkers would instantly see the risk and easily stop the person before a back injury could occur.

The development of a strong safety culture and a high-performance Culture of Prevention should be a top priority for all companies, their management, and their workforce. A Culture of Prevention pays multiple dividends over the entire life of a company.

We’ve been building Cultures of Prevention for over 30 years!



Do you want to build or enhance a

Culture of Prevention at your company?


Contact Accurate Ergonomics


Begin your Journey toward a “Zero Preventable Injuries,

Culture of Prevention,” with one of our Assessments.


Our experts are able to quickly identify and assess areas of MSD risk within your organization, and will provide you with recommendations and an easy step-by-step process. The goal is to help your organization achieve and/or to become even stronger at World-Class Injury Prevention Excellence and a High-Performance, Culture of Prevention.


Start with an MSD SMART Audit or Assessment and see how developing

a Culture of Prevention will boost productivity, morale and profits.


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