Countermeasures are a Key Element in the

 Prevention of Musculoskeletal Injuries.



Work demand and worker (workforce) capacity are located at opposite ends of the scale. When demand and capacity are balanced, so are safe behaviors and everything works efficiently. Goods are produced, services are provided and tasks are performed with minimal fatigue, discomfort and zero injuries. When demand increases and/or capacity decreases, efficiency and productivity go down and employees are at an increased risk of Injury or Illness. Maintaining a balance through effective countermeasures is part of our MSD Injury Prevention System.

Flexibility, core strength and balance need to be maintained to prevent MSD Injuries. Stretching programs have been around for a long time, but many companies have had a difficult time in even just getting one started. Some organizations have tried stretching and have seen their programs wane in enthusiasm, or disappear over time. In some cultures employees are not allowed to work unless they have adequately prepared their bodies.

While more companies in the United States are following suit, there is still a long way to go. Employees need to understand why flexibility works and how to easily achieve it. Starting a SAFE (Stretching and Flexibility Exercise) Program sounds like it should be easy, however, because people are involved it is more of an art than a science.



To prevent costly MSD Injuries from occurring, employers and employees must embrace and engage in effective countermeasures. Our programs promote work demand/worker capacity balance as a method to control risk and prevent MSD Injuries.


Is your Company Doing Everything Possible to

 Prepare Employees for Work? 


Do Employees Maintain Flexibility,

 Energy and Hydration Levels All Shift Long?

Are Effective Countermeasures in Place?


 Are You Balancing Work Demand & Employee Capacity?


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Proven Countermeasure Solutions


We have successfully implemented SAFE Stretch and other countermeasure programs in many organizations, from manufacturing to hotels, office environments, agriculture and more. Even in companies that said it couldn’t be done!


Every application has substantially reduced risk,

injuries, improved workforce morale and more!


We offer proven solutions to achieve balance. Effective countermeasures. Countermeasure education and skills training is included in our Training System, however, each element below may be a single focus of a more in-depth workgroup training or targeted change.


Warm-Up & SAFE Stretch Programs


Core-Exercise Programs


Aging Worker Programs


Job, Task & Postural Rotation Techniques



Feel the P.O.W.E.R. of Prevention!


Our Specialists can Help You Implement or Restart an Effective Countermeasure Program, or

 You May Purchase One of Our Do-it-Yourself Warm-Up & SAFE Stretch Packages.


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