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Many organizations will continue to experience an improvement/decline, roller coaster effect regarding their injury metrics, until the behaviors of their workforce are permanently improved.

For years, safety professionals have focused on behavior-based safety (BBS) as a chosen method to increase safe-behaviors and achieve long term results. However, our studies have demonstrated time and time again, that most companies have not experienced the declines in MSD Injuries they had expected utilizing this discipline alone.

Most BBS clients we have interviewed, admitted that they had certainly not experienced a return on their investment which would justify the expenditures for this specialty.

Accurate Ergonomics has always included “Behavioral Change” as a core element included in our training programs, as well as in our posture training and correction solutions.



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Every solution we provide is targeted specifically to: increase safe behaviors and reduce at-risk behaviors. Our primary focus is to develop within your organization, prevention-based behaviors and a Culture of Prevention.


What’s the difference?


A prevention-based behavior is any behavior which has a

positive impact on a potential negative outcome or future consequence.


The majority of behavior-based safety programs (BBS) target external influences, such as personal protective equipment. Many of these programs strive for improvements in areas such as: wearing gloves, hardhats, hearing protection, using the right tool for the job, and so on. While these are important, there is a unique difference between safe vs. prevention-based behaviors. Employees are able to see yellow and red colors and bright safety vests and are able to choose a ladder of correct height, because most aspects of safety are tangible. Everyone is able to “Visualize” what safety looks like, right?

Prevention-based behaviors are largely focused on that which cannot be easily seen, such as: perceptions, beliefs, mind-body connections and muscle memories. There is no safety vest or hardhat on the market that will prevent an MSD Injury! The variable is only what the individual employee does, or does not do, prior to and during the performance of his or her tasks, each and every day. This is not specific to just those tasks performed at work but also at home, leisure, and life in general.

Prevention-Based Behaviors are generally perceived by a worker to take additional time and effort. This has been proven to be a fallacy. A case in study, professional sporting teams (NFL and professional sports teams of any kind), have entire staffs dedicated to keeping their players stretched out and flexible, muscles kept warm throughout the entire game, as well as confident and proficient at efficient postures.


This is what we bring to your workforce!


95% of workers surveyed, prior to receiving our education and training, are unable to list the elements of a perfect posture. If thy are lucky they may get 3 or 4 elements correct.

We have discovered the perfect formula to overcome this. Once employees are taught to work efficiently, with all of the elements of our system, positive feedback and a bit of encouragement, complete success is not only possible, but guaranteed!

A great example is, “Spring Training” in baseball. Time spent on “Practice” is the majority of the preparation professional sporting teams do, in order to best prepare for the actual game. The game for your employees is their routine tasks, which frankly provide their income. Preparation for them is all the things they do prior to showing up at work. Running an awesome pre-shift huddle is one of the elements we bring to your organization via our system for success.

Behavior-Based Prevention (BBP) involves a focused approach with the goal being to create a positive working environment, which capitalizes on employees discretionary efforts, and at the same time helps engage everyone in safety and prevention. BBP is a practice foundationally supported by years of research and has helped many companies achieve dramatic and dynamic results in loss control and human performance.

Our clients report significant reductions in injuries, but more importantly benefit from increased morale and increased productivity, which naturally occurs during and after the application of our training system.

Behavior-Based Prevention is a “Front-Line-Driven” process of targeting specific behaviors, health & wellness choices, efficient postures, conducting Supervisor and peer observations, and providing feedback and positive reinforcement of desired behaviors around every task performed.

BBP measurement tracking and audits are performed by our Specialists when on-site and/or by your Leaders and Supervisors on an ongoing basis. Custom consultation reports include: photographs, progress made and learning opportunities which may easily be shared with every employee. Progression graphs are easy to disseminate and to post for all to see. Our process clears the path and paves the way for strategic observations and positive feedback, daily engagement and superior two-way conversations which begin to take place, every day.

Safe Behaviors + Prevention-Based Behaviors

 World-Class Injury Prevention

 Excellence Beyond Performance


Accurate Ergonomics will help your company put an end

to the “Roller Coaster” ride, once and for all!


If you want to promote prevention-based behaviors at your company, Accurate Ergonomics is only a phone call away.

Call 1-866-950-3746 to talk with one of our Specialists, or email


Read more about behavior-based prevention below.


Excellent education and training does in fact prevent MSD Injuries, however, training by itself typically does not lead to high rates of “Sustainable” MSD Injury reduction. The behaviors and habits of employees must be modified and positively encouraged over a long enough period of time to achieve sustainable success.

Accurate Ergonomics has developed a process that engages employees at all levels, in the effort to promote postural change and healthy, prevention-based behaviors.

Our on-site reinforcement and behavior-based change programs, supplement and support internal Leaders and pave the way for positive, measurable results to occur.

Behavior-Based Prevention (BBP) is a means of optimizing employee efficiency and performance by utilizing positive reinforcement. When employees take shortcuts or task utilizing inefficient postures, they are generally motivated to do so from the outcomes they hope to achieve. Examples of such employee perceptions: These “Short Cuts” create an easier working system or process or a simpler way of engaging in tasks. Almost always, every employee we have an opportunity to interact with, tells us and have a genuine belief that they “Do not have the time to perform tasks in an ergonomically correct, efficient, and protective posture.”


Other famous employee quotes include:


“It won’t happen to me”


I don’t do this very often”


“It doesn’t weigh anything, so why bother”


“I have been doing this for years, why change now?”


“I don’t have time!”


Prevention Creates Positive Outcomes for Every Body!



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