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A successful strategy begins by gathering all available data (injury statistics, reports, near-hits, DART days, costs, EMRs, loss runs, etc.), for the past 3-5 years. Team Accurate Specialists audit and analyze this data using our patented methodology and criteria. We then meet with internal Stakeholders to review a “Report of Findings,” further define and evaluate all known and potential: trends, challenges, hazards, risks and cultural concerns which may exist.

Once this critical information has been analyzed, Specialists customize education and training content to be as relevant as possible to your unique workplace and workforce. During the assessment process, specialists spend time at workplace locations with employees and key personnel, in order to: gain buy-in and support, further define MSD risks and hazards, evaluate tasks and job duties, and select the equipment, tools and tasks which will be used during practical training sessions.


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It is important that our Specialists evaluate and document specific workforce challenges, as well as measure, observe and photograph employees in the performance of their tasks and duties. Since our Specialists are neutral observers, employees feel free to openly share their experiences, perceptions and barriers.

Observations focus on identifying, measuring and evaluating varying levels of MSD and Postural Risk and At-Risk behaviors. With our “Trained Eyes,” there is an emphasis on Postural Efficiency and ergonomic challenges or “Barriers” related to behaviors, tasks and equipment.


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We also analyze: leadership roles, communications, procedures and protocols, training effectiveness, administrative and engineering controls, corrective actions, behavioral reinforcement effectiveness, environmental concerns, workstation, equipment and tool design, and use.

Specialists also ascertain the need for and/or the effectiveness of any current countermeasures which are currently in place, such as stretch programs, break time activities and daily safety briefings.


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