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Accurate Ergonomics enjoys sharing! We would like the opportunity to share news and strategies with you on a variety of related subjects. Topics such as: How and why an organization may cultivate and maintain a balanced workforce; How to build a healthier, happier team of workers; Tips on building a Culture of Prevention and more. Tweet with “Herman the Spine” and follow his journey through a, “Day in a Life.” Please subscribe below so that you are always part of the solution and never left behind:

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We are always looking for good news and “best practice” tips to share for all, regarding how companies are able to nurture a healthy and safe work environment, so please share your good news with us. You will also benefit from “best practice” tips from others in a concise and consistent way. In addition, if you have news about employee health tips, how to prevent injuries or illnesses, or have general questions about creating a Culture of Prevention in your organization, please email us at:

Accurate Ergonomics and Balance and Motion for Health would like to be your must, “Go To” daily Resource!

Our goal is to help you create the opportunity to weave Injury Prevention awareness into each and every moment of your company work day, no matter what industry! This topic is so important (and so expensive) that it should not be a “stand alone” safety topic but more a critical part of every moment, every day. Allow us to show you how….

The Workers’ compensation system is designed to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves! Personal/professional ethics must be upheld by both the employer (doing the right thing for the people they count on), as well as each and every employee. Following, please find examples of, “bad behavior” which take the wind out of the sails of any employee who complains unnecessarily and/or tries to abuse the system. Unless we are all able to eliminate fraud, we will never have the resources necessary to help those who really need it!

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